Tuesday, January 4, 2011

010111 Awesome Day!!

Since I was delayed in posting the first 4 days of 2011, am gonna make the 4-day post here.

Day 1

A great way to celebrate the 1st day of 2011! Was also Tammy's Birthday!
Attended Tammy's Back To School Birthday Party on the same day, had so much fun and laughters, food and prizes and meeting lovely people!!
Thanks for inviting me, love the theme so much! :)

Day 2
A Xmas gift received from Secret Santa @ Tammy's birthday party. A pink jewellery box which i can keep all my rings collection neatly. :) From here, you could see I love rings alot!

Day 3
Boutique edition monopoly bought from Toys'R'us! RM119.00
Very girlish type of monopoly to my collection. :)

Day 4
Am amazed on such piano, where the keys of the grand piano still playing as though there is some "ghost" is playing some beautiful tunes on the grand piano. Actually this type of grand piano already installed Disklavier, a device that they can reproduce not only 'live' acoustic piano concerts, but ensemble music with instrumental and vocal tracks as well. They allow you to record and play back your own performance, create complex multi-track arrangements, and connect to the world of musical opportunities offered by MIDI devices, personal computers and the Internet.


  1. one day i want to hear u play doroshi!

  2. Tammy: Come my place, i serenade u with my piano tunes lol.

  3. i wanna play the monopoly!! and yeah would lurv to hear you play too!