Friday, January 7, 2011

Student suprised me!

As usual, Mark came for piano lesson on friday. He is a funny 16 year old boy, pretty smart and knowledgeable. He thought me a lot of things especially with computer stuffs and about how movie 3D made and etc. Amazing for a 16 year old boy. This year, he is preparing for grade 7 piano exam. When the lesson ended, he packed his bag and waited for his mom to fetch him. But he walked to the piano and sat down. The next thing he did was So Amazing and a complete surprise! He played Chopin's Waltz in A flat major 'L'adieu', op.69, no.1. He played the whole piece complete by memory. I was standing behind him and listened to every note he played and I was like 'whoaaa' in my heart. Really made my day! It was a completely surprise as I did not asked him to memorize any pieces and he took the holiday time to memorise it. Bravo!! For a teacher like me, this is the best gift from a student! :)

Unforunately, I did not record his playing, so am gonan share a link from youtube on Chopin Waltz Op.69, no.1

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