Sunday, January 16, 2011

My first visit to GSC MAXX

My first visit to GSC Maxx, it took over Imaxx, belif it or not, I havent been to that too. But is ok, at least I've stepped into GSC Maxx! You guys should at least go watch at least once to feel the experience, it's different from the 3D movies we watch in normal GSC hall.

GSC Maxx is the biggest digital and 3D digital hall with a screen size of 24 meter width and a seating capacity of 555 seats. This digital hall has also been fitted with a fully digital sound system, the Dolby CP 750 which was designed to work within the new digital hall environment and integrates easily with pre-show servers, alternative contents and digital cinema servers.
Entrance of GSC MAXX, located on the 10th floor of Berjaya Times Square, KL.

A mini ship-like food and beverage counter.

There's a huge 3D glasses design on the wall.

Upcoming movies in 3D!

Me with my heavy 3D glasses, and lookin' cool with it. :P It's yellow color at the side. It is an active polarized 3D system with 3D Tech active glasses.

3D movie of the day: Shock Labyrinth from the Director of Ju-on, Takashi Shimuzu. This is Japan's first ever 3D horror film. The film is base on the Senritsu Meikyu (translated as The Shock Labyrinth) which is an attraction at near Mt. Fuji at Fuji- Q Highland Amusement park. The Senritsu Meikyu attraction holds the Guiness World Record for "The longest horror-house walk through". Oh the house of horror previously was an abandon hospital, so the things inside the house of horror is what remains in the hopspital. Pretty scary and interesting right? This is where the director filmed the movie, during park's close hours. Oh my, i won't be going to such a horror house, I heard the horror house takes about 90mins walk from the beginning till the end!

Shock Labyrinth is not that scary as Ju-on. But I like the director filmed the movie, I don't really like horror movie heavily edited with sound effects before the 'scary' thing appears on screen, or the usual floating of hair on the ceiling, or super long hair. At least this is different, you won't see such things in here. :)

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