Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Xmas gift and CNY Clothes

Had lunch with Tammy today, and what a surprise! She gave me a Xmas present - Apothecary Recovery Sniff Box from Les Floralies. It is ideal for grief, fear, anxiety and disappointment. It has aromatherapy effects! Thanks dear! If I did feel sleepy in the car when am driving, this will wakes me! :) Thanks for helping me to buy 4 boxes of color lenses which cost only RM15 per box!

After lunch with Tammy, took 2 hrs to do buy some Chinese New Year clothes shopping in Dataran Sunway! Yippie, it took me only an hour in Mustard Boutique to get the following 3 pieces!

Something funky this year, bought 2 pieces which can wear as either as a top with tights or as a dress. But if wear as a dress, i will definitely wear a short pants inside. Another must have piece for me, the white polka dots dress such an elegant piece. :) Am very satisifed with my cny hauls, thought I have done my clothes shopping, but I've just heard TYRO boutique is having 50% off on ALL items!! Oh well, maybe I will just popped by the place and hope there is nothing suits me there, i dun wan to spend any more money on clothes anymore.... T_T

Mustard Boutique FB
35-2, Jln PJU5/11
Dataran Sunway, Petaling Jaya,


  1. hi five! viva la polka dots!!

  2. u get black or brown lens? wanna see!!

    xoxo elle

  3. Fatin: Hi 5! mayb nxt time we hav polka dots party lol

    Elle: I bought both! hehe i wore the brown one, but not very obvious, only make the eyes bigger that's all, mayb it did not have any designs like the color lenses i bought from online.